Consolidating multiple excel files

I can confidently tell you that your investment in this course will be paid off within a months by way of saving you lot of efforts and time while working on Excel.

And if you are not satisfied from this Power Query Training you can get your money back within 30 days of enrolling into the course.

Lower / Uppercase / Proper / First / Last / Middle character extraction, etc.

You can perform and automate all the Extract Thus, you can focus on turning data into insight and adding true value to your company and to yourself as well.Thought process behind POWER QUERY and this training course: I have noted at numerous occasions that people are not aware about these new amazing tools introduced by Microsoft.Also, few people who have heard about it but does find proper resource to learn about using this tool.You can extract year, start of the year / quarter / month, end of the year / quarter / month, Quarter, month, month name, day, day name, etc. You can import all or selected files from a folder in one query itself.Instead of importing the data stored in files in a particular folder you want to create a list of ALL the files stored in that folder just to keep track of what is being received and what is pending then watch this video.

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