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Notices are one of the main ways that we communicate with the public.

We use notices to tell you our decisions, inform you of your rights and responsibilities, and describe what you can do if you disagree with our decisions.

The form must contain the full home address, telephone number, city code and the personal signature of the applicant on pages 3 and 4 of the application form.

APPLICATION FORM with 2 photographs (color photos on white background, 3,5×4,5 sm) filled in by hand with block letters in English or Italian languages in each column.

For example, if you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and changes in your living arrangement, other income, or resources affect your benefit amount, you will receive a notice each time your benefit amount changes.

Our notices generally state the following: the purpose of the letter; any action we plan to take or decision we’ve made and the reason; any change in your benefit status or payment amount and the starting date of the change; any action you should take; what you should do if you disagree with the decision; and how to contact us.

We send you a notice before we make a change to your benefit amount or eligibility.

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The translation can also be performed by a translation agency or by any other specialized organization.If the applicant is under age the form must be signed by one of the parents or tutors.The sample of the application form can be received free of charge at the Embassy, Italian Visa Center or with clearly visible his/her personal data and signature: • a passport or an ID document (carta d’ identita) for the citizens of Italy (copy),• a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno/carta di soggiorno) for foreigners residing in Italy (copy).We will decide whether to approve other accommodation requests on an individual basis.Blind or visually impaired persons can go online at to select or change the way they receive notices from us.

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