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But networks like Classmate, Plaxo, and Desktop Dating baffle me.

Classmate is a site for those who sometimes entertain idle thoughts about their high school years: “I wonder what became of that kid, Donny Hickman, who carried a wooden puppet every where and whispered to it?

I text so my grandchildren will respond; and Joel and I share a Facebook page, which we use more like voyeurs than participants.

OFFICE singles will no longer have to wait for the Christmas Party to let their crush know they're up for it.

Tinder is launching a desktop site in the UK, so you can swipe while getting paid without having to hide in the loos.

When action on the court stopped, fans occupied themselves by visiting the Internet or sending texts on cell phones that glowed like fireflies throughout the stadium.

Why weren’t they stretching, snacking, mugging for TV, or talking to one another? When it comes to technology I flounder around with the finesse of a hippopotamus taking a mud bath. For example, I use the Internet for important research: Recently, remembering a teenage crush, I googled Gorgeous George.

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