I dating my best friend ex boyfriend

The death of a young person is devastating by its very nature and is often sudden and unexpected.

In the aftermath, support is understandably focused on parents and siblings.

Now I look at it to remember her and the good times.

I still have all the silly videos we used to record on the laptop. She raised more than £13,000 for Brain Tumour Research after her church minister, a father with young children, was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

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They can feel shame and guilt that is unfounded but completely understandable. Why didn’t I pick up on what they were hinting at in their social media post? We first met when we started secondary school and it was pretty much instant – we spent the whole time laughing. Initially, people kept asking me if I was OK, and that made me cry a lot.

Remembering those conversations made me smile, but inside my heart was breaking that my best friend was not by my side on our special day.

There was a lot of cheering and clapping as we released the balloons and they floated away. I would like to think that Emma was watching and that I did her proud.

Tony, Emma’s dad, has been on fundraising walks and her mum Lesley and my mum crochet together, making blankets, hats and cushion covers – normally involving a daisy or two – to sell for charity. For our school prom in June we decorated the railings with daisies and we took pink balloons that spelt out her name.

It was a strange day as Emma and I always used to talk about what we would do at our prom.

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