Intimidating children

Is it in their DNA, the media they consume, or their home environment?There’s no one answer to this question, but there are a few things we know about what brings out the dark side of little kid behavior.She's also gearing up for her "All the Hits" tour with Lionel Richie, which kicks off July 21 in Oakland, California. It's what I love to do," she said of the recording process.As for when we'll get to hear the fruits of her labor, she teased: "Very soon.For example, children who show impulsive-hyperactive behavior in early childhood are more likely to be physically aggressive in middle childhood.The ability to control impulses is a work in progress through adolescence (and into adulthood), but some kids are innately better at this than others, and these kids are less likely to act out.

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Studies have shown that the more educational television kids watch, the more relationally aggressive (manipulative, insulting, and so forth) they are to their peers.

It’s as if these kids are trying on different personalities — testing out being nice, mean, or silly to see how their peers react.

What makes little kids mean, and why are some meaner than others?

"Like I said, never say never, but I'm not gonna say yes."For more from ET's interview with Carey, watch below.

You’re at the playground watching your little one hustle through a tunnel or bake a fresh batch of sand muffins, and then in marches a miniature bully.

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