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XSD schemas are conventionally written as XML documents, so familiar editing and transformation tools can be used.What we have not seen much of, however, is reasoning explaining why Islamic law prohibits same-sex acts.At the very least, Islam’s position stops looking like sheer hate, bigotry, prudery, etc.The primary reason for this, no doubt, goes back to the many clear and unambiguous statements of the Qur’an and hadith themselves that categorically prohibit all forms of sexual activity between members of the same sex, as well as the clarity of the Sunna of the Prophet , Companions, and early community in this regard.This is the category of behavior the modern “gay rights” movement is primarily concerned with and, as it turns out, the type of behavior Islamic law unequivocally proscribes.

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    Hopefully you will see Him on the day of His return as your Savior and not as your Judge, but we’ll discuss that later but right now we are asking if Jesus had long hair.