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Lots of dapper men crossing the road with their hats on, a policeman stopping the traffic and early motorised buses mingling with horse-drawn carts.

Lots of old adverts in evidence too, such as for Tatcho - Mr Geor. ), Maple, and Swan Vestas A nicely coloured postcard image of London in the 1930s (posted 1952).

A couple are also perched on an elderly cycle in the foreground.

The car shows signs of use judging by the crazing on the front wing, although curiously it has no screen or frame of any kind, yet has a road fund license.

The photographs are of course unique, so I hope you enjoy having a look through them.I think this old photo shows a pair of early Ford pickup trucks, the lefthand one showing a sign for A W Abbott - perhaps a farm owner?I've a number of photos similar to this but none really identifies what or where this is?If you'd like to donate any old photos I'll do my best to include them in this image library, likewise if you can shed any light on some of the rarer images, or the history of any of the old vehicles portrayed, by all means get in touch.Please note that no image is to be reproduced elsewhere or linked to from other sites, thanks.

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