Updating xml using javascript

upload, see input option) some browsers including IE 6-10 and Opera will keep last selected file in the input after upload which will prevent the user from uploading the same file twice in a row (this doesn’t apply to drag & drop uploads).

When enabled, this option will let File Drop recreate the file input thus resetting file selection.

When given two parameters and the second is either a function or array adds listeners to listed event(s).This way you don’t need to create a hidden file input that, when clicked, will allow the user to select files to upload.The server can respond with some modified version of the original file that you will use to populate the area.When givne a single array parameter acts similarly to parameterless form — returns event map of those particular events.When givne one object parameter — an event map — all its handlers are added (values can be either functions or arrays, namespaces are not supported by this call form).

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